Bongzilla Methods of Attaining Extreme Altitudes 15th Anniversary Edition

BONGZILLA - Methods of Attaining Extreme Altitudes LP HPR-262 15th Anniversary Edition of the stoner-sludge classic.

100 Deluxe Editions on Olive Green / Bronze A/B swirled vinyl with bone colored splatter we are calling "Master Kush" wax! Along with the crazy colored wax they also include a package of Bongzilla "OG Kush" scented incense sticks and a Bongzilla "Herbal" grinder. Not to mention the weed scented cover!

150 Picture Disc Editions featuring "Bubba D" buds on side A and "Purple Diesel" buds on the B side... in weed scented cover too.

400 Regular Editions on Swamp-Bud Green wax.

Vaporizer Sea of Eyes - These Olde Hills 7"

VAPORIZER - Sea of Eyes / These Olde Hills 7" HPR-261

Limited to 300 copies total. 100 "Mail-order Only" copies on a florescent lemon-lime vinyl that actually glows under a black-light and 200 on a marble colored wax. Every copy will feature a special Euro Jukebox style removable center hole and of course the fabulous fold-out poster cover with Eli's amazing artwork!

Black Pyramid Adversarial

BLACK PYRAMID - Adversarial LP HPR-259

Featuring a thick 20pt pocket, hologram foil stamped variant cover. A full color Digital Download card. Red and Black triangle cut embroidered patch. Sticker. A large full color, two-sided 1.2mm bass guitar pick, and a full color turntable slipmat. With a Yellow/Red split color, upgraded 150g LP.

100 Deluxe Edition Split Color LP
200 Solid Yellow 150g LP
200 Solid Red 150g LP
100 Cassettes

coffins live in japan

COFFINS - Live in Japan 10" HPR-253

Live set from 2012 in Tokyo.
Features a special folding poster cover by artist Joe Salois (*Black Pyramid's Stormbringer). Limited Edition of 100 on Clear Blue and 400 on a thick Black wax.

Eternal Elysium - SardoniS Split 10in


Both bands turn in their latest tracks for a split 10" celebrating their joint tour of Japan in late 2011! EE provide us with their latest two tracks similar to the tracks found on Within the Triad. Easily some of their more rocking tunes! SardoniS give us a near epic long track filling their whole side of the EP. Fans of the SardoniS II LP will enjoy the track.

OPTION 1) 100 Violet
OPTION 2) 400 Brick Red

Necronomicon The Queen of Death LP

NECRONOMICON: The Queen of Death LP HPR-255

Brazil's finest 70's influenced Prog/Doom band returns with their second album entitled The Queen of Death. Necronomicon will appeal to fans of current bands like Witchcraft, Noctum, Kadaver, Graveyard along with fans of vintage Hawkwind and Pink Floyd..even a little Sabbath thrown in.... but nobody does it quite like Necronomicon!

While the first album brought us through a nightmarish Lovecraftian landscape of demons and creatures, this new LP launches you into an adventure a million light years away where we join an intergalactic Hitman as he embarks on his greatest mission, to destroy the evil overlord known as The Queen of Death.


TAN - 10 Copies (Label Only)
MINT GREEN - 20 Copies
SALMON - 27 Copies
AMBER - 30 Copies
GRASS GREEN - 46 Copies
OLIVE GREEN - 70 Copies
SMOKE & BONGWATER - 100 Copies

Blue Aside: The Moles of a Dying Race

BLUE ASIDE: The Moles of a Dying Race - CD HPR-257

Return to the doomed space adventures of the Mole People with Blue Asides follow-up to last years The Orange Tree CD/LP. Blue Aside blend the doom styling of Black Pyramid, the space-rock of Pink Floyd and the idea of a conceptual story telling popular among classic rock albums.

Highly recommended for fans of both the doom and indie psych spectrum's, fans of Naam, Yob, Dead Meadow, Sons of Otis, Quest For Fire, and Boris, take note and pick this one up.


Bongzilla - 10th Ann.Gateway Deluxe Edition LP HPR-254

The classic stoner-sludge album back in print on wax for the first time in many years for the 10th Anniversary. The LP has been remastered for vinyl for the first time and the original Malleus cover artwork has been restored to a bright and vibrant glow. 18pt Pocket Cover and full color lyric sheet.

OPTION 1) 50 Deluxe Edition on florescent yellow/pink split half/half colored vinyl that actually glows under blacklight.
OPTION 2) 150 Pink Blacklight Glowing Wax
OPTION 3) 300 Clear Green

-Comic Book of posters inspired by Bongzilla
-Patch and sticker set
-Custom guitar pick with band logo
-Poster of comic cover by artist Eli Wood
-Special foil stamped cover exclusive to the Deluxe Edition
-Full color lyric sheet with original Malleus artwork

Sons Of Tonatiuh


Atlanta Georgia's Sons of Tonatiuh return with their sophomore album. Blending their Southern Sludge sound with a hardcore punk/crusty influence, SOT's lyrics steer in the direction of the end times, media manipulation, religious control, and self destructive pride. Recorded by Kyle Spence of the band Harvey Milk, in his personal studio. PARADE OF SORROW will appeal to fans of Weedeater, Sourvein, Buzzoven, Fistula as well as those more into political hardcore scene. Available in three different vinyl colors and comes in an 18pt matte coated pocket cover.

OPTION 1) 33 Burnt Brownish Orange Marble Wax
OPTION 2) 67 Split Green/Brownish Orange Marble Wax
OPTION 3) 200 Split Light Green/Dark Green Marble Wax

HPR251 Olde Growth


Olde Growth's debut LP is finally available on vinyl! Originally released in 2011 on Meteor City in CD format, the vinyl features a whole new re-mix and mastering job special for this release. If you are not familiar with Olde Growth, We highly recommend you check them out. OG play sludge metal, but not in the way you are used to hearing sludge these days. What makes them stand apart from the crowd is the fact they have no guitar! Just bass and drums. But this in no way limits the sound of the band… just the opposite. Without a lead guitar hogging the spotlight and drowning out the bass, Stephen is able to bring to the front his amazing talent on the four-string. Even when Phil Martin was mastering the release he didn't realize there was no guitar, as with the FX peddles and mad skills Stephen exhibits playing the bass, you simply just don't miss the guitar at all. Ryan's drumming is a complete compliment to the bass playing. Coming from a punk/hardcore background, Ryan hits hard and heavy in a slow groovy fashion; impossible to explain, only to be heard. Watching these guys play live is hypnotic and mesmerizing, never a boring moment as you are forced to nod your head to the slow stony riffs and atmospheric interludes between them. I can't say that OG sound like anybody at all really. They fit in well with the sludge family, but offer so much more!

As you know, here at HPRX we are always looking for creative ways to present a new release. After talking to the band and learning a bit about them, I challenged my team of helpers and advisors to come up with something special for this release. We think the choices made represent the band and their social, economic and environmental views. The cover is made of 18pt recycled chipboard. Completely hand made from the folding and gluing, to the screen printing (by Phil M. and myself). The ink is made of an environmentally safe, non-toxic, vegetable base that is rated safe for children's toy manufacturing. Even the record insert is printed on recycled paper! The custom made brown vinyl looks amazing and all the scraps from the pressing were reclaimed and mixed with a recycled green vinyl to create our forest green looking wax. As far as we know this is indeed the "greenest" vinyl record release ever! Trying to find a creative twist on printing the cover, as we always do with the hand-made releases, we decided to print the cover with a reversed opening. Trying a few options, this was the most interesting to me. Probably because of my obsession with the Melvins and how the past few years they themselves have been releasing "backwards" covers for all their releases…cover on back, song titles on front! We also choose along with the band to not have any writing, text, logos or anything but artwork on the cover. So you can actually choose what side you want the front to be. In the end, this is by far one of my favorite HPRX covers…. everyone an amazing piece of art to be treasured!

OPTION 1) Forest Green Edition Limited to 100 Copies
OPTION 2) Brown Edition Limited to 200 Copies


KINGS DESTROY: And The Rest Will Surely Perish LP HPR-249

KINGS DESTROY is a thundering unit with a name taken from "an infamous late 70's / early 80's Bronx based graffiti crew" and a gang of musicians whom Decibel astutely deemed "a literal who's-who of the New York underground stoner doom scene." Hydro-Phonic Records proudly presents the vinyl version of the bands debut "And the Rest Will Surely Perish", a heavy-handed album that the Village Voice described as "Fueled mainly by Sabbath's grooves, Sleep's foggy haze, and Yob's oppressive thunder."

KINGS DESTROY features guitarists Carl Porcaro and Chris Skowronski from NYHC legends -- and 100,000+ album selling unit -- Killing Time, drummer Rob Sefcik from Man's Ruin artists The Begotten and Electric Frankenstein, vocalist Steve Murphy from NYHC band Uppercut and bassist Aaron Bumpus.

HPRX presents three different options for the LP release.

OPTION 1) Standard Edition on White/Black marbled vinyl LP with insert. LTD. 200 copies.

OPTION 2) Deluxe Edition on Clear Wax with heavy Black and White splatter, insert and also a 7" test pressing with a bonus track "Two Tons". LTD 100 copies.

OPTION 3) Deluxe Splatter Edition with 7" and a second ultra rare Demo 7". LTD 25 copies.




SOURVEIN S/T LP aka Salvation........ The classic, long "lost", southern sludge masterpiece that's been out of print for over 12 years in any format and never available on vinyl until now. Featuring T-Roy (Hail!Hornet) on vocals and Liz Buckingham (Electric Wizard, 13) on guitar. Containing the classic tracks "Dirty South", "Plead the Fifth", "Burial" and "Salvation" and more; this release will quench the thirst of the rabid Southern Metal fans and obsessive record collectors who have waited years for this album to be available once again. The cover artwork has been recreated in the spirit of the original CD concept, but updated to represent the idea intended to be put forth by the band originally. Contains 8 tracks, 40 minutes and an insert.

This super limited first pressing is only 200 Clear Gold copies with gold cover and 100 Deluxe Glow in the Dark editions with a glowing cover as well as the wax itself! Fans of BUZZOVEN, EYEHATEGOD, WEEDEATER, FISTULA and Southern Metal in general will not want to miss this classic lost LP!

OPTION 1: Glow in the Dark Vinyl LP and Cover - LTD to 100 copies

OPTION 2: Metallic Gold Cover and Clear Gold LP LTD to 200 copies